Peng Shuai accuses of rape former Chinese Deputy Prime Minister

Peng Shuai has decided to come out and, with a social post, she accused former deputy premier and member of the Communist Politburo Standing Committee Zhang Gaoli of violence and rape. The former number one in doubles used the famous #MeToo to denounce what happened.

Shuai talked clearly of abuse and a forced relationship that would have forced her to spend dark and sad years. The post was unfortunately deleted after a few hours, probably due to too much hype in China, but some parts of the text were reported in time by some of the major national newspapers.

“I know that given your power you are not afraid of me, Deputy Prime Minister Zhang Gaoli, but even if I am alone, like an egg colliding with a rock, like a moth to a flame, I will tell the truth about you,” she wrote on her Weibo verified account.

Peng Shuai accuses of rape former Chinese Deputy Prime Minister

She added; “I was very scared, but I didn’t expect him to behave like that. I never agreed and I cried all the time. I know I can’t say everything clearly and it doesn’t make sense to say it, but I want to tell everything anyway.”

According to Shuai’s post, it all started way back in 2007, when Zhang was the party’s main exponent in Tianjin and invited her to play a game in the big city club. Chinese activists immediately went wild and raised the alarm for the future of Shuai, who will now be forced to wage a difficult battle at home.

Chinese activist Lu Pin: “We are all very worried about what will happen to her. At the same time we feel that something very important has happened.” Peng Shuai became in 2013 one of the most famous athletes in China thanks to the victory of the doubles tournament at Wimbledon with Hsieh Su-wei. The Chinese also won the WTA Finals, again in 2013, and the Roland Garros in 2014.

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