Daniil Medvedev: Impossible to have any upper hand pyschologically on Novak Djokovic

Russian tennis star Daniil Medvedev insists it’s “impossible to have any upper hand psychologically” on Novak Djokovic.

On Sunday, No. 2 seed Medvedev was up by a set against Djokovic in the Paris Masters final but the Serb recovered to win 4-6 6-3 6-3 and lift his sixth Paris title.

“It’s impossible to have any upper hand psychologically on Novak. But this could be the case for me as well. The last weeks, I lost against Grigor, Rublev, and Novak,” Medvedev said, per Tennis Majors.

“The next time that I will play them this question shouldn’t be raised. Will Daniil be affected psychologically? No.”

Medvedev expected Djokovic would seek a revenge 

Medvedev beat Djokovic in the US Open final to prevent the Serb from winning a record 21st Grand Slam and becoming the first player since 1969 to win all four Grand Slams in the same season. 

“I knew that Novak would try to take his revenge even if the match is not the same. I could feel he really wanted to win no matter what, and this is what competition is all about,” Medvedev explained.

10 days ago, Djokovic and Medvedev went against each other in a practice session. 

“When you play an exhibition match, unless you’re told before that it’s just for the show, I can tell you that among 100 players, 95 of them, they will suffer and give it their all to make sure that they win. This is tennis when you are a competitive player,” Medvedev insisted.

After the final, Medvedev admitted Djokovic was better in crucial points. 

“I’ll need a little more time to think about the match. I think there weren’t a real turn in the match. OK I could have hold my serve more, I could have been better on crucial points. Tenniswise, it was great and he was a little bit better,” Medvedev admitted. 

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