Serena Williams goes from bathrobe straight to evening dress in new TikTok

Serena Williams shared a new TikTok video on her Instagram account that shows her instantly switching her bathrobe for an evening dress with the help of an editorial cut. The American tennis icon chose to accompany the short clip with the song “Stay Fly”, released by Three 6 Mafia in 2005 as part of the hip hop group’s album Most Known Unknown.

“Gotta stay fly,” Serena Williams captioned the video.





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For more context, in the urban slang “to stay fly” means to “stay in style”, “be awesomely cool”, “good looking”, “laid back”, etc.

Serena Williams’s TikTok account has gathered 477.700 followers so far, while her Instagram account has a base of 13.8 million followers.

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