‘Facing Novak Djokovic will be one of the greatest moments of…’, says ATP ace

Hugo Dellien was certainly not lucky in the Tokyo Olympics draw. The Bolivian player will in fact have to contend immediately with world number 1 Novak Djokovic, a great favorite to win gold and already winner of three Grand Slams this year. As everyone knows by now, the Serbian champion cradles the dream of realizing the ‘Calendar Golden Slam’, a titanic undertaking that would make his brand even more indelible in the history of this sport. The 34-year-old from Belgrade is back from his sixth seal at Wimbledon, the third in a row, without ever having given the impression of having to shift into high gears. The five-circle event has been cut down by renunciations in recent weeks, including the forfeits of two authentic legends such as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal (for both it would have been the last Olympics in all likelihood). While most tennis players would have been discouraged at the prospect of challenging a cannibal like Nole, Dellien chose to take it philosophically instead. Through his Twitter profile, Hugo expressed his feelings on the eve of the big day.

Novak Djokovic has arrived in Tokyo a couple of days ago

“Some say it’s bad luck that I get the number 1 in the world in the first round,” Hugo Dellien wrote on Twitter. “I think and tell them, you entered the Olympic Games at the last minute when you didn’t even think you were going to play and it turns out that now you are fulfilling your maximum dream…” As such, Dellien believes facing Djokovic will be one of the greatest moments of his life. “And in case something was missing to make it really crazy, to play against the number 1 in the world (Novak Djokovic), one of the best in history, I return to you to ask is bad luck? For me it is… the best moment of my life!!!” Dellien added. Dellien also expressed his gratitude to be representing his country on such a big stage against one of the greatest players in the world in the shape of Djokovic. “The most beautiful thing about all this is to see my flag there!!! Competing and sharing with the best athletes in the worldooooo!!! This is happening to me I will never forget it in my life!! Thank you for giving me this beautiful moment in my life!!” Dellien wrote. Novak Djokovic was most recently found interacting with athletes from the women’s Belgian gymnastics team. One of the players from the Belgian delegate posted a picture too. She put up a caption that stated, “When @djokernole asks for a picture, you can’t refuse…;).” 


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