Lee Westwood: “I know the golf course well”

Lee Westwood may be from south of the border but he was feeling right at home as he posted an opening 65 at the 2021 abrdn Scottish Open.

Lee Westwood, statements

“I played it a lot when I lived in Edinburgh a few years ago, they were kind enough to make me an honorary member here and I came and practised a lot, and the guys are kind to me and have looked after me. I know the golf course really well. So I read the greens pretty well here and that was the kind of day it was out there today. You’re going to have a lot of chances. You’ve got to make your fair share. Obviously not all of them are going to go in, so you can’t get too frustrated. First round last year, I shot nine under par. Almost get confidence from that but try and ignore it as well. Don’t have a total in your mind because you’re never quite sure. I’m happy with 65, six under par and it’s a good score to build on for the rest of the week.”

Rory McIlroy is hoping to see the hard work pay off as he goes in search of a first Rolex Series victory at the 2021 abrdn Scottish Open.

“I’m looking forward to getting back on the golf course. I was pretty rusty last week in Ireland. I didn’t really do any practice the week after the U.S. Open and it sort of showed in my game. So it’s been nice to link back up with Pete who is here and worked on some stuff the last couple of days. The great thing about Pete is he doesn’t sugarcoat it. He’ll tell me when it’s not great so that when he does give me a compliment, I know that it’s real. It’s been great. It’s probably stuff I’ve worked on before but said in a slightly different way, slightly different thoughts. Good thing about Pete is he’s been doing it such a long time and with so many great players, is he knows what works and he knows what doesn’t.  I’ve really enjoyed it. I really have. I’ve enjoyed learning from him. He’s got such a great knowledge about not just the golf swing but the game of golf in general and it’s been a good few months”.

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