Collin Morikawa: “It’s my first time in Europe”

Collin Morikawa said he is excited about making his debut on European soil and learning a new style of golf ahead of his first start at the abrdn Scottish Open.

Collin Morikawa, statements

“First time in Europe. Obviously I’ve played a few events on The European Tour, but to finally be here knowing that I was going to kind of put this in my schedule for quite a while now, I’m excited. I’d say over the past month has been solid golf and it’s been really good golf. Hopefully I’m able to bring that game out here and play it and figure out how to play out here. Obviously it’s not true linksy-type golf course, but it’s still different than what we see out in the US. It’s not the normal greens you see, the run-offs. Normally out there in the U.S., you can just fly everything kind of close to the hole and see it stop and bounce. So it’s a learning curve but it’s a learning curve that I enjoy and I love being creative. I love kind of coming out here and it kind of fits my game. How do I figure out how do I hit my iron shots, play certain pins, play aggressive to certain hole locations out here. It’s really enjoyable to see a new course and figure out in these next kind of two days how to play the golf course. I’ve seen Sam Horsfield, probably since I’ve been ten. Sean Crocker, I saw him earlier today. We grew up 30 minutes from each other. I’ve known Sean Crocker since literally 10, 12 years old. So seeing a couple guys like those two, seeing Min Woo Lee that I played with quite a few times in amateur golf; I saw I got paired with Bobby MacIntyre for the first couple days, so that will be fun. Obviously good Walker Cup memories on my end, probably his, as well. You know, it’s just cool to see a lot of young guys. Those are the guys that we resonate with the best because we’ve gone through the process all together. We’ve seen each other’s golf game for a while. It just makes things kind of a little more fun when you’re paired with these guys or you see them because I’ve grown up with them. It just makes things a little more comfortable when you travel quite some ways to get over here.”

It will be awarded for the first time at the Ryder Cup in Wisconsin (24-26 September), to the two players (one from the United States and the other from Team Europe) who will best embody the spirit of the event, the “The Nicklaus-Jacklin Award presented by Aon”.

This is the novelty introduced by the PGA of America and the Ryder Cup Europe. With the recipients of the award that will be selected by a committee composed, among others, of Jack Nicklaus, Tony Jacklin, other former European and American Ryder Cup captains. For an award that takes its name from the famous “concession” that arrived during the Ryder Cup of 1969. When, in the match between the United States and Great Britain (in 1973 the Great Britain was incorporated into Ireland and from 1979 the rest of Continental Europe), Nicklaus at the Royal Birkdale GC in Southport (England) gave for a good 3-foot putt for Jacklin at the 18th hole, an act of fair play that caused the first draw (16-16) in the history of the competition, with the cup that remained in the hands of the USA as reigning champions.

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