Top analyst talks about Roger Federer at Wimbledon

After retiring on the eve of the second round of Roland Garros, with lots of controversy attached, Roger Federer did not go beyond the second round on the beloved grass of Halle. In a tournament that had seen him triumph ten times, the Swiss phenomenon left the scene before the quarterfinals as had not happened since the distant 2001. It would be useless to deny that the version of King Roger admired in Halle has fueled doubts in view of Wimbledon , his great seasonal goal. The former world number 1 will fly to London with only eight matches played in the last year and a half, to which is added a state of form very far from initial expectations. Federer’s dream is to showcase his ninth Championships title, but it would be a real miracle for what we have seen so far. Novak Djokovic is aiming for the Grand Slam after the success in Paris, not to mention the vehement rise of the Next Gen in the last two seasons. Within the podcast ‘Monday Match Analysis’, the well-known journalist Steve Flink analyzed the prospects of the Swiss about a week before the start of the third Grand Slam of the season.

Steve Flink on Roger Federer

On Monday Match Analysis with Gill Gross, the American reporter shared his viewpoints on many subjects. Most significantly, near the end of the show, he talked about Roger Federer at Wimbledon Championships 2021. Precisely, Gill asked him what result would surprise him coming from the Swiss maestro in London. He replied, “The two that would surprise me would be a second or third round loss or a miraculous run to the title.” Furthermore, Steve Flink stated that he’d be even more surprised with the latter result. For the same, he pointed out many questions that have no definite answer as yet. “‘Can he get to the 16s, quarters, could he squeeze into the semis, does he really have it to get to the final,” Flink remarked. Also, he added that he’s having a hard time seeing the seven matches given how little tennis he’s played this year. After the grasscourt Major, Roger Federer is expected to travel to Tokyo to take part in the Olympics, where he has had some success in the past. Pictures of Federer’s Uniqlo outfit for the Games emerged on social media earlier today, and if they’re anything to go by, the Swiss maestro will be turning on the style in Tokyo. Roger Federer’s outfit for Tokyo comes from the same line as the Swiss’ Wimbledon gear. 


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