Roger Federer: ‘Things don’t come easy anymore’

Despite the long absence from the fields and all the difficulties related to age, few imagined that Roger Federer would leave the scene so soon in Halle. The 10-time German tournament champion, who had always made it to at least the quarterfinals since 2001, surrendered to Felix Auger-Aliassime in a match that sent worrying signals. After a good first set, in which the Swiss took advantage of the only break point available to him, the 20-time Grand Slam champion fell under the blows of the young Canadian, who was good at reading his serve better than him. The former world number 1 almost never managed to make himself dangerous in response, ending up suffering the accelerations of his opponent even in his own batting rounds. The third set was a one-way show, with the cameras immortalizing one Federer each, enough and certainly not satisfied with his performance. When Wimbledon is just over a week away, there are many doubts that envelop the mind of the 39-year-old from Basel. The version of King Roger admired in Halle is beatable for many players.

Roger Federer’s t-shirt will also feature a bit of red

“Today I needed time to digest the third set, I was unhappy for how it ended, was similar to Geneva one. I took my time before coming into (the) press conference because I didn’t want to say wrong things played by emotions,” Roger Federer said. Federer released a statement saying that he pulled out on the advice of his team and underlined the importance of listening to one’s body at his age. “The rehab process was a huge challenge for me. Everybody who has had multiple surgeries knows what I’m talking about. Things don’t come easy anymore and that’s sometimes is the major concern,” the champion said. Roger Federer’s 2021 Wimbledon attire will be quite different from what he donned in 2019, when he lost in the finals to Novak Djokovic. This time around, Federer’s outfit will not be completely plain, nor will it feature any black rims. Instead, the eight-time champion’s clothing will feature a hint of turquoise on the collar and sleeves. Uniqlo has also introduced a prominent pattern of checks on the t-shirt. Roger Federer’s t-shirt will also feature a bit of red, given it is the brand color of Uniqlo. However, the famous “RF” letters will not be a part of the 39-year-old’s outfit even though the Japanese conglomerate has access to the logo’s rights.


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