Roger Federer: ‘Where you finally achieve your dream, the question is…’

In addition to having countless successes during his long career, Roger Federer also had the ability to remain competitive for a truly incredible amount of time. Suffice it to say that the Swiss phenomenon touched his ninth title at Wimbledon just two years ago, before the final against Novak Djokovic turned into one of the most atrocious mockery of his life. The former world number 1, who will turn 40 in just over two months, is determined to give himself a last chance on the London lawn, in the hope that the physicist will assist him once again. After undergoing two surgeries on his right knee last year, the 39-year-old from Basel made his return to the field in early 2021, achieving fairly modest results so far. In fact, King Roger will appear at Roland Garros with a negative balance in the season (one victory against two defeats). In a recent interview with ‘GQ Magazine’, the 20-time Grand Slam champion explained how he had to reset his goals several times to keep his motivation intact.

Roger Federer has to find fresh motivation

Roger Federer revealed the question that every athlete faces after reaching a major career goal or landmark – what now? “…you see this happening very often in sports, where you finally achieve your dream, and then the question is, can you keep pushing further? You become number five in the world, now do you want to be number three? And then number one? Do you want to stay world number one?” Federer said. He said many have the illusory sense that sporting greats find it relatively easier to move on from one landmark or record to the other, oblivious to the years of training and hard work that goes into the making of that mentality. “All of these questions — for some people, maybe they think, like, it’s normal. Like it’s supposed to be easy. But it’s not. It’s very, very hard,” Federer said. The Swiss ace underlined the importance of staying “happy on the Tour” as “there is a lot at stake for points and money and fame and social media.” But when asked about that during his interview, Roger Federer stressed that he is not thinking about retirement. The 39-year-old did acknowledge, however, that the upcoming period is his last chance to win something significant. “I don’t know, I’m really relaxed about where my career is, where my life is,” Roger Federer said. “And I know that this [moment] is one last big, huge opportunity for me to do something great. I mean, it’s always like this when you have achieved as much as I have.”


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