Benoît Paire is trapped inside tennis as sport’s lockdown king of pain | Barney Ronay

The Frenchman keeps on playing, keeps on losing his matches and keeps on losing his temper. And he is not going to stop

Every man has a breaking point. You have one. So do I. Clearly Benoît Paire has reached his. Actually, it seems as if he got there a while back. I first saw Paire at Wimbledon in 2014. He was playing Lukas Rosol in the first round on an outside court and losing.

Tall, elegant and amusingly disdainful of everything in his immediate orbit, he was also brilliant, losing while producing bravura drives, freakish slice, comical drop shots, and doing that thing some athletes have where even a game as technical and difficult as tennis becomes simply a canvas for talent.

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