Roger Federer: ‘Turning 40, it’s like my life has gone by…’

After a not exactly exciting comeback at the Masters 250 ‘home’ in Geneva, Roger Federer is preparing to return to Roland Garros after having skipped, as is well known, the unusual Fall 2020 version. The last match played by the Swiss in the Paris Grand Slam remains, therefore, the semifinal lost in three sets against Rafa Nadal on a stormy day. As mentioned, the shooting of the Swiss champion himself did not turn out as Roger himself probably expected: in Geneva, in fact, Federer was defeated on his debut by Pablo Andujar in a match in which the Swiss seemed to have managed to solve many problems, about all technical, but in the most beautiful he allowed himself to be squeezed for four consecutive games that transformed the 4-2 advantage in the deciding set into 6-4 for his rival. However, there have been no changes in preparation and therefore Federer will be regularly on the starting line at Roland Garros, where he has already made it known that winning the tournament is certainly not an option. “I cannot set my goal of being champion in Paris at Roland Garros 2021 because I know I will not achieve it. Anyone who thought that he would immediately return to the field and win Roland Garros was very wrong,” these are the words of the Swiss. It’s always interesting to reveal beforehand how Roger will take the field in Paris: Uniqlo’s Christophe Lemaire has designed two suits for Federer. If one should be the one that was already shown in the Geneva match against Andujar, the other has yet to be revealed. As shown in the photo, Federer must wear a red polo shirt with dark blue details with shorts in complementary colors to the shirt, that is, blue with red details. From the photos that circulate, the shade of red would appear very clear, almost salmon. A decidedly more ‘aggressive’ choice than the previous edition of Roland Garros where Uniqlo had opted for a white shirt with gray pants.

Roger Federer recapped his years on the tour

In a recent interview with GQ, Roger Federer got candid about his retirement. He is not in a hurry to win anymore and is relaxed in his career. He obviously didn’t have a solid answer, but revealed that now he has ‘one last big opportunity to do something great. “I don’t know, I’m really relaxed about where my career is, where my life is. And I know that this [moment] is one last big, huge opportunity for me to do something great. I mean, it’s always like this when you have achieved as much as I have.” Moreover, on the idea of turning 40, Federer recapped his years on the tour. Federer has spent almost 75 percent of his life on the tour, a place where he achieved so much and has experienced everything. “I can’t believe I’m 39, to be honest. Turning 40, it’s like my life has gone by on the tour. I’ve enjoyed so many moments, I’ve had some tough moments, of course. I’ve been tired. I was hurt. I was sick. I’ve played with all sorts of issues. But I feel like juniors were yesterday. Do I sound like an 80-year-old person who looks back at their childhood as their favorite part?”

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