Roger Federer’s OUTFIT at the Roland Garros 2021

After a not exactly exciting come back to the ATP 250 tournament in Geneva, Roger Federer is preparing to play at the Roland Garros 2021 after having skipped, as is well known, the unusual 2020 autumn version.

The last match played by the Swiss in the Parisian Grand Slam remains, therefore, the semifinal lost in three sets against Rafael Nadal on a climatically stormy day. As mentioned, the run-in of the Swiss champion did not go as probably Roger himself had hoped.

In Geneva, in fact, Federer was defeated on his first match by Pablo Andujar in a match in which Roger seemed to have managed to solve many problems, above all technical, but at the best he let himself be squeezed by four consecutive games that transformed the 4-2 lead in the deciding set into 6-4 for his opponent.

There was, however, no turnaround in preparation and, therefore, Federer will be regularly at the starting line at Roland Garros where he has already made it known that winning the tournament is certainly not an option.

Roger Federer’s OUTFIT at the Roland Garros 2021

“I cannot set my goal in becoming champion in Paris at Roland Garros 2021 because I know that I will not succeed. Anyone who thought that I would return immediately to the field and win Roland Garros was very wrong”, these are the words of the Swiss.

Always interesting to reveal in advance how Roger will take the court in Bois de Boulogne: Christophe Lemaire of Uniqlo has designed two suits for Federer. If one should be the one already shown in the match in Geneva against Andujar, the other has not yet been revealed.

As shown in the photo, Federer should wear a red polo shirt with dark blue details with shorts in complementary colors to the shirt, namely blue with red details. From the photos that circulate, the shade of red would seem very clear, almost salmon. A decidedly more different choice than the previous edition of the Roland Garros where Uniqlo had opted for a white shirt with gray shorts.

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