Ladies Italian Open with women at the center

Italian golf starts from Piemonte, land of Francesco and Edoardo Molinari. The restart is called Ladies Italian Open, a race on the European women’s circuit that returns to our home grass after seven years of absence. It is played from 28 to 30 May in Margara, in the Fubine Monferrato area (Alessandria). “I am happy because with this Open Italy of golf is there and puts women at the center”: the words of Virginia Elena Carta, officially a professional for only 24 hours but with an amateur life to make you shiver.

“I couldn’t wait to play the Ladies Italian Open – said the 25-year-old Virginia in Turin – because it is a great opportunity. I had been waiting for it for seven years, I played the last Open in our house (in Perugia he won the amateur award, ed) but it was another thing. Now everything changes ”. She is pure wisdom from one of our many compatriots expected in Margara. Lucrezia Colombotto Rosso, Giulia Molinaro (the two Italians leaving for Tokyo 2020), Roberta Liti, Alessia Nobilio and Carolina Melgrati also began an ideal countdown for the Italian Open with her. From the clip shown during the presentation, you can perceive the desire to play in Italy after so much wandering.

Italian Ladies Open, statements

 A desire shared by those who worked on this event, from Franco Chimenti to Alberto Cirio (president of the Piedmont Region). “For us, golf is the restart after Covid,” says the governor, putting the emphasis on after Covid. “In Piedmont the vaccination campaign is proceeding well, we are as proud of it as we are for having chosen sport in time as a symbol of restart. We have baptized the first stage of the cycling Giro d’Italia, we will have the ATP Finals. And now golf ”.

Franco Chimenti thanks Cirio and the Region for their hospitality and looks ahead: “We could do a lot in view of the Ryder Cup 2023 if we always found interlocutors like our friend Alberto. Golfers this year will grow by 15% despite Covid. Piedmont is known thanks to the Molinari brothers but we also have many players who stand out in the world. The Solheim Cup in Italy (i.e. the Ryder Cup for women)? I can’t promise it but it is a thought that I have been thinking about for some time ”.

In these parts, golf is truly at home, as demonstrated by the 51 existing courses and the fact that 15% of the members of the federation are registered in Piedmont.

There is great team work around the Ladies Italian Open. Starting with Maria Amelia Lolli Ghetti, federal councilor and president of Margara, passing through Marco Francia (Federgolf Piemonte), Alessandro Rogato and Anna Roscio, team manager of the Italian women’s national teams. Backbone of the team Gian Paolo Montali, sportsman and Ryder Cup man. “What would I say to the girls before taking the field? To be proud of having a federation like ours behind us and then to throw competence, heart and passion over the obstacle “.

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