Juan Martin del Potro towards the come back?

The recovery phase of the Argentinian tennis player Juan Martin Del Potro continues. The strong and powerful athlete has revealed that he no longer needs crutches to walk and the Tandil Tower has posted on his Instagram account a story where he trains, to the rhythm of music, to try to re-enter the circuit.

The career of the Argentine champion has suffered many stops and has not met expectations due to the many injuries that have complicated his career: the most serious is certainly the one on the wrist but in recent years Del Potro has remained stationary and absent from the fields due to frequent stops.

Now Juan Martin Del Potro continues to fight and now he aims to return and play defending the colors of Argentina in the Tokyo 2021 Olympic games. In career, Delpo won 22 ATP title, among which the US Open 2009 against Roger Federer.

Here is the video with his trainin

¡VAMOS DELPO! La Torre de Tandil sigue superando etapas en su recuperación y ya hace bicicleta… pic.twitter.com/kaUhAW2yuL

— SportsCenter (@SC_ESPN) May 17, 2021

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