‘Roger Federer just loves tennis and that’s why…’, says top coach

Accustomed for years to dominating the entire panorama of the world circuit, the two great champions Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal had to begin to deal with the young Serbian Novak Djokovic, born in 1987 and already winner of the Australian Open about a decade ago, 2008. Over time, “Nole” has deftly carved his own space between those two holy monsters, reaching the top of the rankings and breaking an almost impossible record as the one for the most weeks spent at the top of the ATP rankings. in addition to being only two conquests of the 20 Grand Slam titles that Federer and Nadal currently hold. Veteran tennis coach Paul Annacone has weighed in on his former disciple Roger Federer’s biggest strength, saying his love for the sport has helped him be one of the leading lights of contemporary men’s tennis even as in the twilight of his career.

Paul Annacone reflects on Roger Federer

Paul Annacone said the champion’s understanding of life enables him to “prioritize things” and his practical views on the game and his career, in particular, have kept him going for all these years. “I think Roger Federer’s greatest strength as a player and a person is his perspective. I mean, I think he really understands life and because he understands life and the ability to prioritize things and pragmatism with which he approaches stuff has allowed him to do what he loves for this long,” Annacone said. He added that combined with his other virtues, what has helped Federer be at his best or close to his best, even at 39 is his undying “love” and passion for the game. “He just loves tennis and that’s why, at 39, he’s still out there,” the coach said. Roger Federer recently confirmed that some of his most-prized tennis memorabilia will be auctioned off to raise funds for his foundation. Federer’s possessions will be put under the hammer at Christie’s – a world-renowned auction house. The first of the two auctions is expected to take place in a live event on 23 June. 20 lots of Federer’s items will be put up for bidding on this day, each denoting one of the Swiss legend’s 20 Major titles. The second auction will be conducted online and will take place sometime in July. “Every piece in these auctions represents a moment in my tennis career and enables me to share a part of my personal archive with my fans around the world,” Federer said. “More importantly, the proceeds will support The Roger Federer Foundation to help us continue to deliver educational resources to children in Africa and Switzerland.”

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