Pine Valley Golf Club admits female members

Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey, one of the most renowned in the United States and reserved exclusively for men since its founding in 1913, has voted in favor of the inclusion of women among its members.

Pine Valley Golf Club and women

The news is certainly not insignificant: Pine Valley, as mentioned, is not just any field. Golf Digest magazine has for years called it the best course in the United States and among the best in the world.
Until now, the presence of women at the club twenty miles southeast of Philadelphia was not allowed except “guests” and on Sunday afternoons. “At the annual membership meeting, we made a historic change to the Pine Valley charter. The future of golf must look to inclusion, “club president Jim Davis announced in an email addressed to members. The club’s number one announced the unanimous vote, as well as the decision to “eliminate all male or female language from our statute”.

This is not an “in all” in the New Jersey club. Applications will be screened by the local commission. “Socially compatible players, with a deep passion for golf and able to demonstrate that they have the necessary skill to play on our course” will be admitted.

The Pine Valley thus follows a path already traced by famous clubs in the United States. It happened at Augusta National, the field where the Augusta Masters is held, the most anticipated tournament of the year. In addition to the moral boost, there is also a more concrete motivation: clubs where restrictions of this type resist are not often considered when choosing the assignment of a Major.

And to say that in 1924 the Pine Valley Golf Club was saved from bankruptcy thanks to a check drawn from the sister of the founder George Crump.

In Italy it is possible again to organize and play golf competitions in the yellow zone. The good news was communicated in time by the Federgolf.

After the one relating to the abolition of the examination of the rules, the Federation issues another circular (number 16), less surprising than the previous one but very much awaited.

Starting from April 26, 2021 it is allowed, exclusively for the territories located in the yellow zone, to carry out any sporting golf activity outdoors, in compliance with the guidelines adopted by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Sport.

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