‘Roger Federer was stubborn in a very different way’, says top coach

Roger Federer is undoubtedly one of the most decorated athletes of any era, having conquered everything a player can dream of when he starts playing tennis. During his very long career, the Basel phenomenon has been under the guidance of very important coaches, each of which has been instrumental in his growth on the pitch. Among these is certainly Paul Annacone, who followed the former world number 1 from the second half of 2010 to the end of 2013. Thanks also to his expert advice, the King returned to win Wimbledon in 2012 reaching the summit again. of the ATP ranking. The 20-time Grand Slam champion then experienced the worst season of his entire career in 2013, a factor that led to the separation between the two at the end of that same year. Annacone, who in the past had worked with another legend of the caliber of Pete Sampras, is now looking after the young American promise Taylor Fritz. Speaking in the latest edition of ‘The Double Bagel Tennis Podcast’, Paul made a nice parallel between tennis players from different eras.

Paul Annacone on Roger Federer

While comparing Taylor Fritz’s stubbornness to Roger Federer’s and Pete Sampras’, Paul Annacone stated, “Yes, Pete and Roger were stubborn in a very different way. Ironically, it was easier for me to convince Roger and Pete to do things at times than Taylor, but they were older and more mature when I was with them and Taylor is still a kid.” The 58-year-old added, “If Pete disagreed with me he would disagree, but I didn’t need to have a law degree to convince him of what if I gave him the facts he would just shift and Roger was the same. Taylor, sometimes I feel like I got to go to law school to figure out how I can convince him that I’m right but again that can be a strength. It’s a matter of him just tweaking that valve a little bit.” Roger Federer recently confirmed that some of his most-prized tennis memorabilia will be auctioned off to raise funds for his foundation. Federer’s possessions will be put under the hammer at Christie’s – a world-renowned auction house. The first of the two auctions is expected to take place in a live event on 23 June. 20 lots of Federer’s items will be put up for bidding on this day, each denoting one of the Swiss legend’s 20 Major titles. Among the many possessions being put up for auction are Roger Federer’s outfit and racket from his 2009 French Open win over Robin Soderling. Federer adorned a teal-colored Nike T-shirt that day, with his shorts being of a darker shade.


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