‘We knew Roger Federer was into Mirka and…’, says Swiss coach

Roger Federer’s career has been a source of inspiration for thousands of sportsmen of all disciplines, but not only for his countless triumphs on the tennis court. The longevity of the Swiss champion has very few equals in the modern era, having allowed the former world number 1 to be in contention for the most important titles even in old age. At the age of 40, the 20-time Grand Slam champion has decided to get involved again to further enrich his already amazing showcase. This summer King Roger will go on the hunt for his ninth Wimbledon title, the one he missed in 2019 at the end of one of the most exciting finals ever. The 39-year-old from Basel has repeatedly reiterated how the contribution of his wife Mirka was fundamental in enabling him to overcome the most difficult moments. Federer and Mirka first met at the Sydney 2000 Olympics, when the Swiss was only 18 and had yet to make his mark on the ATP circuit. In an interview granted to the newspaper ‘Blick’, then Swiss wrestling coach Ludwig Kung recounted the beginning of one of the most solid relationships in the world of sport.

Federer is looking to test his form and fitness once again at Geneva Open

The Swiss wrestlers and tennis players shared a common house at the Olympic village. That was when coach Ludwig Kung noticed that Roger Federer’s interest towards the love of his life. “We knew Roger was into Mirka and then helped him a little,” said Kung. The Swiss star was still reluctant to open up, but Kung was adamant and didn’t give in. The couple spent time outside talking to each other and then returned laughing. “From then on, they were a couple,” Kung mentioned. The eight-time Wimbledon champion will return to the field in Geneva next month, in what will be his only preparation tournament at Roland Garros. The last appearance of the Maestro in the second Slam of the season dates back to the 2019 edition, when he reached the semifinals by giving in three sets to his eternal rival Rafael Nadal. Speaking to the media over the past few hours, his coach and friend Severin Luthi admitted that Federer is still a little behind in terms of physical condition. A statement that has alarmed the many fans of him. The Swiss star proved to be a great husband and a joyous father to his four children. His decision to continue playing the sport is reliant on how far he is willing to sacrifice quality time with his family. On the career front, Federer is looking to test his form and fitness once again at Geneva Open next month. He decided to skip the Madrid Masters and will play at Roland Garros directly after Geneva.

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