Roger Federer confesses – ‘My parents felt embarrassed when I was young because..’

The 20-time Major champion Roger Federer has been a role model for many current young tennis stars and the upcoming heroes. Like all the other competitors, Federer has had some dark moments throughout the years in those most challenging moments. Still, he is usually calm and collected on the court, keeping the focus on tennis and the rival on the other side of the net. That wasn’t always the case, though, as it would be hard to recognize Roger for his behavior until the end of his teenage years. The Swiss couldn’t keep his temper down right from the first competitive matches in juniors, throwing racquets, cursing and having something to say about every point he would lose!

Speaking about that in 2002, Roger said he needed years to start making improvements in that segment, losing too much energy on fighting with himself and doing his best to change that before stepping on the ATP Tour. Remembering those days, Federer also mentioned how his parents felt embarrassed on some occasions while watching him play, urging him to change the attitude or to go to tournaments without them. 

Roger Federer struggled to keep his temper down in junior days.

“When I was very young, and I started playing at the age of three, I was always swearing around the court, throwing racquets and everything. My parents felt embarrassed, and they would tell me to stop behaving like that; otherwise, they wouldn’t come to the tournaments with me anymore. I had to settle down, but it took me until I was maybe 19 when I finally started to make improvements in that area. I complained about every point I would lose in the past, and I don’t know how I got over that. I thought I was losing too much energy by always getting upset with myself. Now I’m calm, getting excellent press at the French Open and Wimbledon last year for my behavior on the court. Now I almost have to watch out not to act too calm on the court,” Roger Federer said.

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