Rafael Nadal: ‘I think that makes him have an adequate perspective of what…’

While tennis is one of the most demanding individual sports on the face of the earth, a good player is probably no one without the team around him. On multiple occasions the best have expressed the important role played by the people around them: there are millions of cases in which, once the bench undergoes changes, the level on the court of the tennis player himself suffers. Examples are galore, and few players have been more consistent and loyal to their team than Rafael Nadal. It is, after all, one of those main ingredients in his recipe for success. Know well each of your lieutenants, that they know what, how and where to tell you something. Trust them to recover, both psychologically and physically. In a commercial for Telefónica, the number three in the world takes us on a journey to the intimacy of those who have been his inseparable along the circuit. A series of names that cannot go unnoticed and that every good tennis fan knows, but which Rafa delves into because, as he rightly states, “without all the people who have been by my side, none of this would have been possible”. Rafael Nadal recently spoke at length about the people he considers to be the most instrumental figures during his playing career.

Rafael Nadal on his coach Carlos Moya

“Without all the people who have been by my side none of this (his success) would have been possible,” Rafael Nadal said. “That if my uncle had not introduced me to tennis or helped me decisively during practically my entire career, I would not be where I am. That if my father and my mother had not been willing to accompany me to a place every weekend and not doing the things that maybe they had other options to do, maybe they had more fun.” The World No. 3 then turned his attention to current coach Carlos Moya. Nadal believes that Moya’s addition to his team has been extremely beneficial, given that the 44-year-old has experienced the tour both on his own and alongside the Mallorcan. “The fact that in 2017 he (Carlos Moya) hoped to work with me as a coach, I think it was a boost for me,” Nadal said. “And I think the fact that, not only has he lived all those experiences, but has also shared them with me as a player, I think that makes him have an adequate perspective of what he thinks can suit me at all times.”

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