Rublev, Schwartzman, Svitolina and Sabalenka AGAINST the vaccine

Novak Djokovic was the first to speak out against vaccines. Many Serbian haters, on the social media, maliciously called him Novax Djocovid, after he spoke out against vaccines and contracted COVID-19, along with his wife, some of his staff, other tennis players and who knows how many fans, during the disaster of the Adria Tour, last summer.

New York Times correspondent Ben Rothenberg collected statements from five tennis players, two women and three men, about their thinking about getting the COVID vaccine or not.

Andrey Rublev said: “Our situation would not improve much, the ATP, the WTA and local governments would still force us to stay in the bubble and go through a quarantine period after each transfer. What are the assumptions for this refusal? I don’t know, not I would be able to answer you. “

Rublev, Schwartzman, Svitolina and Sabalenka AGAINST the vaccine

Elina Svitolina instead fears side effects and above all the few tests carried out before mass distribution. Aryna Sabalenka said: “I don’t believe in the vaccine, if I’m forced to do it in order to play tournaments then I won’t have a choice, but I sure won’t let my family do it. If I had to, I would still choose the most expensive one on the market. because it is safer, and less likely to affect my genetic makeup. “

Diego Schwartzman added: “I am against, vaccines are neither part of the culture nor the tradition of my family. Also, at the moment the procurement is very problematic in Argentina. If the ATP told us it could provide?

Not really . We have heard many times that the Olympic Committee could help us in view of the Tokyo Games. If this is possible for us athletes, and the administration should be implemented in perfect compliance with all legal and clinical criteria, I could consider the possibility to do it. “

Naomi Osaka is instead in favor of carrying out the anti-COVID vaccine: “I will certainly vaccinate when it is my turn,” she said.

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