Oleksandra Oliynykova sells body parts for advertising space!

Croatian Oleksandra Oliynykova has ventured into the world of cryptocurrencies for a couple of weeks before: so Jessica Pegula isn’t the only tennis player investing in cryptocurrencies. Although the American has defined herself as the first female athlete to join the NFT market.

World number 778 did something quirky: she sold a 6x 8″ leather parade above the right elbow for 3 Ethereum, which is currently worth more than $ 6,000. The 20-year-old Croatian has combined her love for cryptocurrencies and tattoos by auctioning off a spot on her body as a non-fungible sign.

The idea is that the owner sees it as an investment, hoping that Oliynykova’s career will take off and that the area on her skin will be worth much more in the future. On her sales page, Oliynykova explained that the owner can place an art object in the form of a tattoo or body art on her arm, leave it blank, or resell it for a higher price.

Additionally, she pointed out that this was the only place on her body that she would offer as an NFT and the owner would become part of the sport’s history as no other professional athlete had offered an NFT tattoo before her.

If the owner chooses to put a tattoo on Oliynykova’s arm, there are only a few basic restrictions, for example, it should not contain anything related to gambling, betting, etc.

Imagine a tattoo with a fashion brand tattooed on the arm of a tennis player playing Slam tournaments and which would therefore be visible every time he raises his arm to serve or while moving: it would be featured in all the tournaments that the tennis player plays. it would take part and could be the start of a global trend in individual player sports.

Some of the most successful were launched by the National Basketball League via a collector’s site called NBA Top Shot. To date, collectors have spent $ 330 million for 10-15 second clips from games on Top Shot; an official game highlight from a star player can go as high as $ 200,000. And last week, National Football League star Rob Gronkowski coined a collection of Super Bowl NFTs.





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