Roger Federer shares a funny ‘potato’ story

In Doha, after a 405-day absence, Roger Federer won a match against Britain’s Daniel Evans on 10 March before losing 3-6, 6-1, 7-5 to Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili. In the process, the legendary Swiss gave up the tournaments in Dubai, then Miami. “I decided the best thing to do was go back to training,” said the legendary 39-year-old. Since the 20-crowned Grand Slam player (like Rafael Nadal) had withdrawn with some discretion. On his program, his form, his desires, his motivation. In an interview with the fashion magazine “Numéro Homme”, he assures us to keep the flame: “I’m not going to come back to play second rounds in a lost corner. I feel like I know what I need to do to get there. There is a part of dream and part of logic, it is a logical dream. I want to win big tournaments and beat the best players in the world. I work very hard for it, although I don’t talk about it a lot.” The 103 ATP winner described Switzerland as a quiet, sparsely populated country. But in this case, Federer was out in the woods with people close to him for a light-hearted evening.

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“The nice thing here in Switzerland is that there are seldom large groups on the go. This time it turned out to be a funny situation,” Roger Federer said. Out of nowhere, a stranger crashed the small party and turned everything quite intense. “A gentleman came by and made a joke. ‘Don’t fry!’ he said. ‘You mustn’t make a fire here!’ “And I am like, ‘No joke now?’ I knew there was a fire ban in the summer, but I didn’t know that it currently applies where we were that day,” Federer shared. However, what came next brought everyone to chuckle. Federer continued, “Then he said, ‘Oh, sorry, I was trying to make a joke. I thought you were someone else.” After the Qatar Open, Roger Federer withdrew from his next scheduled event in Dubai. Surprisingly, the 39-year-old also decided to cut his hardcourt season short by pulling out of the Miami Masters. After his campaign in Doha, Roger Federer had asserted he would be looking to use the upcoming clay swing as a preparatory period for the all-important grass season. On that note, it was recently announced that Federer’s presence had been confirmed at Halle, where he has been a champion a record 10 times.

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