Roger Federer promotes tourism in Switzerland!

After years of representing his country through the world of sport and on a tennis court, the Swiss and world tennis Maestro Roger Federer takes on a new and unprecedented role. The twenty-time winner of Grand Slam titles has now become the official ambassador of sgizzeroz tourism by inaugurating a long-term collaboration with Switzerland Tourism, the national tourism organization.

Together Roger Federer and Switzerland Tourism ‘will develop initiatives to promote Switzerland in the world with the common goal of attracting new tourists to visit Switzerland and its natural beauties.

In a difficult moment like this, in an attempt to get out of the biggest tourist crisis since the Second World War, the most iconic character of the Swiss nation takes the field to offer his help.

The words of the CEO of Switzerland Tourism

No one is better suited for this role than Roger Federer, and Switzerland Tourism CEO Martin Nydegger is also convinced of this. Here are some of his statements about it: “This combination is perfect because Switzerland and all its natural gifts have clearly contributed to the growth and development of a legend like Roger Federer and consequently to his glorious career.”

Federer himself commented on this collaboration: “I have always had the feeling of representing Switzerland, every time I enter the field. When my name is written nearby there is always a Swiss flag next to it.

I am proud of this and I always have been in my 22 year career and it will always be like this. Joining forces now with Switzerland Tourism is a logical consequence of things.”

The two parties have consequently certified that they are enthusiastic about this new partnership. Roger Federer came back on the court a few weeks ago in the ATP tournament in Doha, after an absence of over a year due to a double surgery and certainly prolonged by the hard implications linked to the Pandemic and all that it entails. The plans of Roger Federer are not yet known, as he will surely return to play some tournaments on clay.

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