Roger Federer: ‘People manage the day-to-day for me but…’

The Miami Masters 1000, the first of 2021, is in the final stages. With Daniil Medvedev’s knockout tonight we will surely have a new name among the winners of a tournament of this caliber; this is also, but not above all, due to the absence of five of the top ten players in the world. Among those who did not leave for Florida there is also Roger Federer, who has given up after his return to the field in Doha. The Swiss phenomenon decided to take a period to improve his physical condition after the knockout against Nikoloz Basilashvili in the second round. In an interview with the French magazine Numèro Homme Federer told about his training period and his aspirations: “I’m working very hard, even if I don’t like to flaunt what I do. I hope people realize how hard you work, otherwise I would never have gotten this far”. King Roger does not want to be an extra in his return to the circuit and looks to the near future, hoping to be able to do well again and get satisfaction: “I didn’t come back to play any second round in a remote corner of the world. My goal is to win the big tournaments and beat the best players. I still think I know how to do it. Obviously it’s also a dream at my age, but a dream dictated by logic.” In a recent interview with Numero, Roger Federer detailed the activities he indulged in during his rehabilitation period. The Swiss star revealed that watching films and TV shows wasn’t usually part of his daily itinerary; instead, he would try and get involved in home decisions that his usual tennis life doesn’t allow him to.

Roger Federer on the confinement

“No, I haven’t ‘binged’ that much, neither movies nor series,” Roger Federer said. “I was busy becoming the family quarterback, for once. In my tennis life, I make the big decisions and people manage the day-to-day for me. There, I was really happy to pilot details with my wife, to think of things for the children, the garden, the house.” The eight-time Wimbledon champion further mentioned that living a non-tennis life was relaxing, as he didn’t need to depend on on-court results for his daily life decisions. “I made video meetings with ATP, I communicated with Rafa [Nadal] in particular,” Federer continued. “In my normal life, everything was improvised based on the results. I often left at the last minute, took out my things and put them back together. Since the confinement, I have had time.”

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