Roger Federer: ‘I am doing very well despite the crazy…’

Roger Federer, an international ambassador, will lend his image to be the face of Swiss tourism, with the clear objective of attracting visitors from all over the world to his country. In that sense, he was formally appointed as the ambassador of the Tourist Office to reverse the bad moment that Switzerland is going through, as well as the entire planet, due to the effect of the pandemic. The champion of 20 Grand Slams is shown in the most wonderful landscapes of Switzerland and the entire campaign can be seen on the official site “”. “I have been all over the world but Switzerland is the most beautiful place, the one that I miss the most whenever I travel the circuit. A Swiss flag always appears next to my name,” said the former world number one. At 39 years old – he will turn 40 on August 8 – Federer returned to the circuit weeks ago at the Doha tournament, after having been away for more than a year for two surgeries on his right knee. He played two games in Qatar, got out of the Dubai tournament and will decide in the coming weeks the tournaments that he will play on the brick European tour, although his big goal will be set at Wimbledon. Roger Federer recently spoke at length about his off-court life during the ongoing pandemic, revealing that he would often have conversations with his good friend Rafael Nadal. In a recent interview with Numero, Roger Federer detailed the activities he indulged in during his rehabilitation period.

Roger Federer on his wife Mirka

Roger Federer asserted that he himself hadn’t suffered much during the last year, either in terms of the pandemic or the knee injury. However, the 39-year-old couldn’t say the same about his wife Mirka. “Before, we would say ‘Hi, how are you?’, the other would quickly answer and move on,” Federer said. “Today that makes sense. Everyone knows at least one person who has caught the virus, we hope not to catch it, the whole world is in the same situation. Having said that, to be completely honest, I am doing very well despite the crazy 12 months I just had: two knee operations and a pandemic. With my wife, it turned into a downturn year.” Turning his attention to the quarantine period in Switzerland, Roger Federer acknowledged that most weeks would be devoid of any excitement. He did make it a point to mention, however, that all the rules had been strictly followed in his country.

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