Leo Borg: “Bjorn Borg? I would like to be judged for my tennis”

When a little Leo Borg revealed to the family that he wanted to be a tennis player, his mother Patricia said: “I actually started crying. We tried to approach him to another sport, so as to avoid comparisons with his father. That would have been all. much simpler.”

Despite his parents’ desire to divert him to other sport or other prefessions, Leo Borg continued on his way and when they talked to him about pressure, he replied with a simple: “It doesn’t bother me, it’s not a problem. I always knew who my father was.”

That’s right, his father, Bjorn Borg, the man who revolutionized the game of tennis and who won 11 Grand Slam tournaments. Leo Borg, after the success obtained at the junior tournament in Porto Alegre, is ready to have his say even in the major circuit.

The young Swedish talent, thanks to two wild cards, will have the opportunity to participate in the Challenger in Marbella and to play the qualifiers of the Andalucia Open, the new ATP 250 tournament.

Leo Borg is ready to speak out about him even in the  ATP Tour

“I’m coming: now people are talking about me not only as a ‘son of’, but also for my tennis,” explained Leo Borg in an interview with the official website of the ITF. “I know it’s something that will accompany me throughout my life, at least when I play tennis; so it’s not a big deal, but something I’ll always have to deal with. I’ve never thought about it too much.

It’s something I take care of. I don’t see the comparisons between my father and me as a problem, but I would certainly like to be judged for my tennis and not only, a priori, for being the son of a champion. I am very honored to receive such important invitations.

I’ve played Challenger level before, but this is going to be a big event. I’m preparing with great attention and can’t wait to play. I feel ready, I know I can play well and compete against strong players.

I don’t feel the pressure, I’m just curious to understand what my current level is: I think it’s quite high when I’m fine, but sometimes I have problems reaching it during a tournament.”

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