World Tennis Conference presented by GPTCA e Si

Written by Sandy Mittleman

As day one of the World Tennis Conference official start is nearing, the excitement of the opportunity for attendees is palpable. With a worldwide collection of speakers like a tennis coaches conference has never seen, the opportunity to learn, experience and grow is exponential.

Conference organizer Fernando Segal has done a remarkable job creating an environment with which every attendee whether a coach, parent, player or fan can be assured to leave the conference learning something new, something thought provoking, something heart pumping.

GPTCA, since 2010 has been the organization leading the way for 10 years in creating certification courses with ATP endorsement with 4 levels, C,B,A & A* with A* being the highest level. GPTCA President and WTC speaker, Alberto Castellani says ‘GPTCA has a very structured pathway of tennis courses in High Performance to certify coaches with the highest quality of speakers and information in every course”.

World Tennis Conference is a living, breathing experience of learning. Whether you want to hear stories from Toni Nadal about how he developed Rafa from a young child to an iconic champion or you want to hear from ATP Chairman Andrea Gaudenzi about the future of tennis, the sport we all love, there is something for everyone. If that doesn’t get your blood pumping, the legend himself, Nick Bollettieri joins the conference and does what ONLY Nick can do, inspire!

Why create a collection of many of the world’s great tennis minds with the rarest of experiences, because listening to this collection of experiences is literally a priceless learning opportunity.

The WTC will be held on the revolutionary TennisONE app the most innovative tennis app for fans worldwide.  The WTC is the epitome of an innovative learning experience where all attendees can learn from the minds behind the champions. With the coaches of the top six ATP players and the brightest minds in sport science, you can expect to really leave the conference with an experience and looking at the game, looking at your coaching in an evolved way.

As conference organizer Fernando Segal says “bring your notepad!” With the conference designed not only with the collection of world class tennis minds, but the unique opportunity to watch all of your favorite presentations as many times as you want for 30 days!

The 2021 WTC by GPTCA & Si is all about insight, intrigue and evolution!

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