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5 Ultimate tips for a better kick serve!

The kick serve is a shot that you see the professional players use a lot. It looks easy but it´s a very difficult serve to hit for most of the amateur players.

Once you mastered the kick serve, it offers some really great benefits. Especially on levels where most players are not used to deal with these kind of serves.

In this article we will share with you 2 reasons why the kick serve is such a good option and 5 tips to hit a better kick serve!

Below the article is a video of Dominic Thiem hitting a great kick serve as well!

Why to use the kick serve:

If you watch the professional players on tv you will see they use this kind of serve very often. There are many reasons why you should also start working on your kick serve, below are in my opinion the 2 most important ones.

More difficult to attack

Imagine receiving a kick serve bounces up towards your backhand on shoulder height, your first idea is probably not to step in towards the ball to smack it hard into the corner.

Most players will step back on a kick serve to neutralize the shot. This is great news for the one that serves, especially on a second serve!

Margin for error

The kick serve works a lot like the topspin on for example your forehand. Because you will brush the ball up, you create that arc that gives the ball plenty of clearance over the net, but at the same time the dip that allows the ball to drop inside the court.

kick serve of David Ferrer
PARIS, FRANCE – JUNE 02: David Ferrer of Spain serves in his Men’s Singles match against Kevin Anderson of South Africa during day eight of the French Open at Roland Garros on June 2, 2013 in Paris, France. (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

So what are the 5 magical tips to improve my kick serve I hear you say 🙂

Toss the ball behind your head

For example, if you’re right-handed, you want the toss to be to your left and behind your body so that when your racket contacts the ball it creates a left-to-right spin, which will jump away from your opponent.

Bend your knees and bring your hips forward

As the toss goes up, bend your knees and bring your pelvis forward. This will help keep you balanced with your weight evenly distributed and force you to reach for the ball instead of leaning with your back.

Brush Up

To generate the necessary topspin for your kick serve you need to brush the side of the tennis ball from low to high. This brushing action means you’re allowing the strings of your racquet to make contact with the outermost edge of the tennis ball which causes the ball to spin and ultimately kick up off the ground when it hits the court.

Racquet Head Speed

Another essential element to the kick serve is racquet head speed. Believe it or not, when the pro’s hit a kick serve their racquet is traveling at roughly the same rate or faster than their flat or slice serve. That’s because racquet head speed is required to create topspin.

Wrist Snap

One of the best ways to increase your racquet head speed is to incorporate a wrist snap. It’s essential that you relax your grip and wrist to allow for the wrist to move freely. The result will help you generate even more topspin.

Enjoy Dominic Thiem´s crazy kick serve! + Comparison between his first and second serve.

I´m sure that these tips will help you to take your kick serve to the next level! For me they worked, so why not for you 🙂

Sharing this article with a friend who wants to improve this serve would be awesome. Let´s grow the game of tennis together!

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