Damir Dzumhur: I wasn’t disqualified and I didn’t send death threats to chair umpire

Top-ranked Bosnian tennis player Damir Dzumhur claims he wasn’t disqualified from his Acapulco qualifying second round match as he insisted he walked away from the court due to injustice. 

Dzumhur, a three-time ATP champion, got into a verbal dispute with chair umpire Joshua Brace during his clash against Botic Van De Zandschulp. 

At 6-5 in the first set, while Van De Zandschulp was serving and the game score was 15-15, the match was stopped as the Dutch progressed into the next round. 

After the match, it was reportted that Dzumhur was disqualified and that chair umpire Brace received death threats by the Bosnian. 

“It is important for me to emphasize that I was not disqualified, I have chosen to leave the court voluntarily”, said Dzumhur, per Tennis Majors.

“Simply, I could not bear that someone treats me very badly, that he can do whatever he wants; the umpire directly influenced the match with his bad calls. The last straw was the ball at 5-5 and 40-40; it was clear that the ball was out, but he did not react and I have lost that game.”

Dzumhur insists there were no death threats

“I honestly do not know where some websites have found the information about me threatening that I would kill anyone. It is true that I have said to the supervisor that I felt the need to hit the umpire because of what he has done to me. Supervisor suggested that it was not such a great idea, that I could further damage myself. I have answered that I do not care since I was nervous, but I did manage to regroup myself and leave the court. I have not threatened that I would kill anyone, I do not know where that came from, especially since there is video footage of the whole thing,” Dzumhur added.

Dzumhur hasn’t won a main draw match this year as he made it past the Australian Open qualifying but he failed to beat James Duckworth in the first round.

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