‘I actually thought Roger Federer played his best tennis in…’, says ATP ace

The concept of elegance has accompanied and defined the person of Roger Federer since the beginning of his career. In 1998, when ours was still among the Juniors, he had already attracted the attention of insiders, and three years later, at the age of nineteen, he had won world attention by beating Pete Sampras at Wimbledon. The enthusiasm for that little boy was such not only for the results he could have achieved, but above all for the way he would have done it. As amply demonstrated in these 20 years and more of his career, there has never been a tennis player able to enchant the public like him. But what is the legacy that Roger will leave to the world of tennis? The answer is not simple. Some champions of the past have left a significant imprint: think of the impact of Bjorn Borg and Chris Evert who, together with Jimmy Connors, first cleared and legitimized the two-handed backhand, a blow considered taboo at the time. More specifically, Borg has introduced a new approach in shooting rebounding shots, that is, loading them with topspin: a precursor of what is the main peculiarity of the game of Rafa Nadal, one of today’s champions. Chris Evert, on the other hand, in an era where he dominated the game at the net, was one of the first players to base her style of play on relentless pressure from the baseline. We can see the imprint Evert left on the modern style of play, where everyone from Novak Djokovic to Simona Halep adopts this tactic to prevail over their opponents.

Dan Evans lost to Roger Federer in the second round of the Qatar Open in Doha on Wednesday. And after the match, the Brit claimed that Federer played some of his best tennis towards the closing stages of the encounter. The match marked the return of Roger Federer to the ATP tour after 13 months. The 39-year-old took three sets to defeat Evans 7-6, 2-6, 7-5.

Dan Evans on Roger Federer

“I could feel certain parts were not quite there but it was evident when it got tight that Roger Federer was way more aggressive in the third set,” Dan Evans said after the match. “I actually thought Roger Federer played his best tennis in the last three, four games,” Evans added. “Got himself out of trouble and then when I was 5-4 down, he really came at me. I felt a lot of pressure from his game. He showed a lot of glimpses of why he is so good.” In that context, Dan Evans stressed that what Roger Federer is trying to accomplish is truly rare. The Brit went on to add that Federer’s return to the tour has added tremendous excitement for the fans. “He said his story is not finished yet and from a fan’s point of view, it is going to be interesting to see how he goes at his age,” Evans said. “He’s 39 and it’s unheard of that there is someone competing for Grand Slams at that age (in the men’s game). It’s going to be really good to watch for everybody to see what happens. We will all be pretty pumped if he got over the line at another Slam.”

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