5 tips to play your best volleys ever

Most players these days don´t feel comfortable at all at the net. Wouldn´t it be great to feel totally in control at the net? Let´s make those volleys rock solid!

In this article we will share 5 very important tips to take your volleys to the next level.


For volleys, you should use the “continental” grip, also known by many people as the “hammer” grip. Using this grip allows you to hit both forehands and backhands holding the racquet the same way. Using just one grip at the net is super beneficial because of the shorter reaction time you have when you´re at the net.

Using the continental grip on your volleys allows your wrist to stay stable, which is highly beneficial for increasing the control of the shot.

Continental grip to hit better a volley in tennis

Good athletic ready position

When at the net, you want to keep your feet active while you are standing in a wide stance. Doing this will make you always ready to go, even if the ball is far away from you.

Keep your racquet up all the time!

Don´t wanna get hit when you are at the net and always be ready for the incoming ball? Keep your racquet up! Letting the racquet fall down is a common mistake among amateur players and can really hurt your net game as well as your own body 🙂

Keep your swing short

A volley doesn´t need to be hit hard to be effective. This is one of the reasons to avoid swinging, a volley well out of reach of your opponent should be your goal.

Swinging on the volley is probably the number one source of errors. While you want to make big swings with nice follow throughs from the baseline, at the net it´s an absolute no-go!

Players who don´t have good volleys tend to swing their racquet way too much on the volley. Remember that when you´re at the net you lack time on most of your shots, so keep your swing short! Swinging will result in many errors, hitting the frame of your racquet and other mistakes.

Use your body weight for power

Since you will be limiting the motion of your swing, you should use the rest of your body to generate the power nessacary. You can achieve this by stepping through the ball at the moment of contacting the ball.

You will try to step through with your opposite foot, for a right handed forehand volley you will step through with your left foot and vice versa.

Follow these tips and become the net monster you´ve always wanted to be!

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