How to achieve a higher 1st serve percentage! 4 quick tips

Achieving a relatively high 1st serve percentage could be really important for your match results. Playing just 40% 1st serves in can really damage the rest of your game. Low 1st serve percentage means you will have to hit a lot of 2nd serves, and playing a 2nd serve mostly means you start the point under pressure. Your opponent will feel more comfortable to step into the court to attack your 2nd serve.

So how can you achieve a higher 1st serve percentage?

Work on your technique

If you want to improve your 1st serve percentage, the quality of your technique should be looked at. Is your motion effective? Do you make movements that are unnessacary that messes up your rythm? Work on your fundamentals and keep working to make your serve as effective as possible, simplicity is key here!

Dimitrov working to improve his 1st serve percentage during practice

Add spin to your serve

Hitting your serves with more spin will increase your consistancy. By brushing the ball upwards you will clear the net more easy compared to a flat serve. Make sure that you add enough spin to your serve! If not, your shot will still fly behind the service line 🙂

Take some power off your 1st serve

The faster you are going to serve the ball, the less accurate your shot will be. Just taking a slight amount of pace off your 1st serve can already boost your 1st serve percentage. This tip is true for pretty much all levels of tennis. Try it out next time in your match/practice match!

Don´t try to hit the lines

If you don´t have one of the best serves in the world, then please don´t try to hit every 1st serve on the line.

Try to aim for a bigger target. 10-20 centimeters away from the line will be still a very good serve, giving you a bigger room for error. When you are aiming 20 centimeters away from the line, the ball can still end up exactly on the line 🙂

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