Must read for parents! Top 5 reasons why tennis is THE sport for kids

In this article we will show you exactly why we think that tennis is a great sport for kids to play. Keep reading 🙂

Sport for life

Tennis is known to be a great sport for all ages. Maybe you have a neighbor of 80 years old that still goes to play tennis a few times every week, how cool is that?!

You can start playing tennis from a very young age, even from 3-4 years old and you are able to play until a very late age for many people! Tennis is a sport that is relatively easy on the body compared to some other sports. You can apply your own rythm, strength and duration. All you need is atleast 1 partner to play with, a raquet, balls and a tennis court.

After all what other sport can you play from age 4 until let´s say 104 🙂

tennis kids having fun :)

Physical development

Tennis includes a lot of running, hitting and many quick movements. It´s a great combination of developing muscular strength and strengthening the cardiovascular system. Playing tennis is also great for improving for example the hand-eye coordination. If you want your kid to play a sport that is lots of fun and also great to improve all their physical skills, tennis might be your answer 🙂

Mental development

Tennis involves a lot of stressful moments and tactical thinking. By experiencing tough times and especially moments where you have to keep your head calm to find a solution will only benefit your kid to become stronger mentally (this will also reflect to real life situations).

Let´s say that you are behind 0-3 in the first set, letting yourself down mentally mostly means you will lose the match. If you are able to stay strong mentally during that same match, it´s highly likely you are able to fight back and maybe even step of the court as the winner of the match.

By playing tennis your kid will develop the skill of problem solving which is not easy to develop. You will only become a better player if you think about a solution for the problem (which could be anything in a match). Just complaining about the problem won´t get you anywhere on the tennis court. Isn´t that the same in real life?

No contact sport

Unlike many other balls sports, tennis doesn´t come with injuries caused by actions of your opponent. You and your kid don´t have to be scared to get kicked or hit with an elbow for example.

Ofcourse there is a possibility that your could get hit by a ball, but this happens very rarely. Especially in junior tennis, where the kids play mostly far away from their opponent on the baseline or for the smaller kids, service line.

It´s social and fun!

Even though tennis is mostly not played in very big teams like for example football or basketball, it can still be a very social sport. How cool is it to do a group training with your friends, go to matches together as a club team or play with your family members on Sunday morning?

A few reasons why tennis is so fun:

  • Big variety of different movements you can learn, the feeling of improving yourself is incredible!
  • Almost every village/town has a tennis court, it´s accesable to almost everyone! You need a racquet, a few balls and you are ready to go!
  • Play with your loved ones, family and friends.
  • You can participate in awesome club events/tournaments
  • You can play tennis all year long! In countries where the weather is good all year round  you will play always outside while in the countries where it´s cold during winter, you will have the opportunity to play tennis indoors in most cities and some villages.

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