‘Roger Federer’s very strategic and farsighted’, says trainer

For years now he has dominated the tennis circuit, but despite this the figure of Novak Djokovic continues to divide and make people discuss. The number one in the world continues to achieve success, but at the same time we talk about what the Serbian does and says off the pitch. He dominated the Australian Open 2021, but everyone criticized him for his attitude after the abdominal muscle injury, suffered in the Australian Grand Slam third round match against the American Taylor Fritz. A fairly hard injury that saw the tear widen to two and a half centimeters after playing the tournament. Many criticized Nole’s attitude, judging his behavior after the injury excessive and judging his ‘complaints’ about the pain exaggerated. Despite this, Novak Djokovic goes on and on March 8 he will overtake Roger Federer and become, with 311 weeks, the player with the most weeks at the top of the ATP rankings. Currently Novak Djokovic is stopped due to this injury but he will try to break many other records in this 2021. Roger Federer’s long-time fitness trainer Pierre Paganini recently provided some updates about the Swiss star’s recovery process. Paganini highlighted the fact that Federer’s muscles have become weaker with age, but lavished special praise for the 39-year-old’s perseverance.

Paganini on Roger Federer’s time left on tour

“The big difference (between 2017 comeback and now) is, as he paused until Australia after Wimbledon in 2016, his muscles were actually always there,” Pierre Paganini said. “Now we had a total interruption and the muscles deteriorated considerably. Without Roger Federer’s patience, the guillotine would have fallen long ago,” Paganini added. “He depends on it (passion), and so do we! When a player who’s almost 40 has to do exercises that a 70-year-old can do without any problems, and is happy that it gets better every day – if that’s not passion (then what is).” According to Pierre Paganini, Federer’s right knee had been bothering him for a long time but was largely ‘under control’. “The right knee had been causing him problems for several years,” Paganini said. “But he had them under control, with adapted planning and specific exercises.” According to Paganini, Federer always makes his decisions keeping one eye on the future. That, the 62-year-old believes, is why Federer is never inclined towards risky moves. “He will never risk his health,” Paganini said. “It is extremely important to him to be healthy in the second phase of his life. He won’t overdo anything if it doesn’t make sense. He’s very strategic and farsighted.”

Federer came back from injury in 2016 and lifted two Majors in 2017

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