6 tips for everyone who wants to become a better tennis player

In this article we will share 6 tips for everyone that want to become a better tennis player. Commit yourself to these tips and see your tennis game improve drastically.

Federer is always striving to become a better  tennis player!
Are you ready to become a better tennis player? if yes, keep reading!

Focus on the process, not the result

When you play a match, you obviously play to win. However some players tend to focus all their thoughts on winning rather than their game plan and the strokes the practiced during the last period. Don´t fall in the trap of trying to improve your game with a lot of effort during practice, but falling back to your old (wrong) habits during matches.

This way you are not improving your game. You might win a match or two but to get to that next level will take much longer than it should.

Remember this when you are working on shots you really want to improve, PROCESS OVER THE RESULT.

Find a good coach

Many players choose the tennis coach that is working the closest where they live. Others maybe choose their coach by prize or the recommendation of a friend. While you should take all these things in consideration ofcourse, it´s more important in my opinion to actually find a good coach if you really want to improve your game.

I´m not saying that your next door coach isn´t a good professional, but I´ve seen a lot of coaches that don´t add any value to your game exept for feeding you some balls from the basket.

These kind of coaches obviously won´t make you a better player. For players that want to become better at the game of tennis, practicing with these kind of coaches is a waste of time and recourses.

Tennis is a very technical sport and therfore a coach plays a huge role in the preparation of a tennis player.

You want to find yourself a coach with qualifications and experience. Someone who has the ability to teach, i mean what is the use of a coach is he/she is not able to transfer his/her knowledge to the player?

Another very important part to look for in your new coach is personality and drive. You want to find yourself a coach who really wants to be involved in your tennis process. This could be a big difference in you liking the game for the rest of your life or throwing in the towel after weeks, months or years.

Work on your serve and your return of serve more often

Every point starts with someone serving the first ball. Either it´s you or your opponent, if it´s your opponent then you are the one who has to hit the return. As fanatic tennis players, we all know this right?

All many players do is hitting groundstrokes, for hours long. Unfortunately much less time is spend on the 2 most important shots of the game, the serve and the return of serve.

Try to practice them more often and make them real weapons for your game. Think about it: if you serve very well and are able to win most of your serving games, how many sets will you lose? Exactly, not many.

The same goes for the return of serve. If you have good returns, you will be able to win more return games than if you didn´t.

Combine a good return of serve with having a good serve and you won´t have to play a lot of close sets or tie-breaks anymore.

Understand that no one is unbeatable

This one i have heard so many times before: I´m sure i can´t beat this upcoming opponent, he/she is just way to good for me and I just hope i won´t be humiliated with 6-0 6-0.

If this is you, you´ve basically already given up on yourself before even stepping inside the court. Don´t do this to yourself!

Maybe your opponent is really better than you but you didn´t work so hard for nothing! Give it everything you have, stay confident in your abilities and play like a warrior.

Start working on your mindset

The mind is an often overlooked part of the game among amateur tennis players.

More and more professional athletes start to believe in the power of the mind. Some even say the mental part most important skill for a tennis player. We all play a sport which can be very tough mentally. Think about all the unforced errors you make in a match, the breakpoints that you face or the stress your opponent puts on your second serve.

I can go on and on about how important your mind is as a tennis player but i´m sure you already agree with me.

´´ Tennis is a mental game, everyone is fit, everyone hits great forehands & backhands ´´ – Novak Djokovic

Take good care of your body

Taking good care of your body is key when you are working hard to become a better tennis player. Both strengthening routines and recovery routines will be super important to stay on top of your game. Getting injured will only put you back in your process instead of going forward towards your goal, becoming a better tennis player.

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