‘Cant’ wait, Roger Federer!’, says Grand Slam champion

Roger Federer’s return to the field is just over a week away, more than a year after his last appearance in an official match. There is great interest not only to review his shots on a tennis court, but also to get answers to the many questions that hover around the Swiss: what Federer will we see on the pitch? Will he be athletically ready to play several games in a row? Will I be able to play his cards even in big tournaments? Pierre Paganini, Roger’s athletic trainer for many years, tried to give advances. Paganini gave a long interview to Tages Anzeiger, in which he talked about the recovery from the double knee surgery of 2020 and the prospects that the 39-year-old Federer can have. First of all, we start from the Doha tournament, which the former world number one has won on three occasions: “Roger only plays when he knows he can play well,” said his fitness coach. “Now we have to see how his body reacts. It is important to protect it. It is already a great victory to be able to return to the pitch and be able to say ‘I’m fine, I’m looking forward to the next match’. At the moment he is sure he will play in Doha, then we will see if Dubai will also play. We will evaluate the efforts and the reaction of his body after the first matches”. The interminable wait is over. Finally, Roger Federer is ready to come back after a thirteen-month long break from tennis. He will play at the Qatar Open 2021 starting 8th March. The five-time Grand Slam champion, Venus Williams, is one of the many eagerly awaiting Federer’s comeback. They both have dominated the sport for over two decades now and are still going strong.

Venus Williams cannot wait to see Roger Federer in Doha

So, when Roger Federer started the one-week-to-go countdown on Twitter, Venus Williams readily responded to it. Venus wrote, “Can’t wait, Roger!” For both Venus and Roger, the journey of tennis began in the 90s. As they moved ahead in time, their love and passion for the sport only grew and made others fall in love with tennis too. Most importantly, Federer’s fitness level can either turn out to be his strength or weakness. However, the ample amount of time spent specifically on recovery rules that worry out. Above all, the illuminating presence of Roger Federer will once again grace the tennis courts. Hopefully, we will see him throughout the 2021 season. Welcome back, Roger!

Roger Federer is ready to come back after a thirteen-month long break from tennis

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