When to use a drop shot

A drop shot is when you hit the ball short and softly over the net, making it difficult for your opponent to catch.

The drop shot is a difficult shot for most players and especially because players tend to hit drop shots from positions you shouldn´t.

If you want more variety and options in your game, this ´special´ shot is one to keep in mind and work on! It´s a great shot to use if your opponent is slow, tired or out of position. 

The drop shot could be a real weapon if you know when and how to use it. If you vary your game well, don´t play them too often and are even able to disguise them, your opponent is going to have a real tough time catching catching your drop shots.

When shouldn´t you hit a drop shot?

Never try to hit a drop shot when you are:

  • Out of balance
  • Out of position
  • Moving backwards

I´m sure that you have seen some impossible looking drop shots, while totally out of balance or far behind the baseline from players like Nick Kyrgios, Gael Monfils or Dustin Brown. Even for them these shots are very risky and the end up losing the point more often than winning it. These really tricky ones will be nice for a video into your career highlights, but these ones kind of drop shots won´t win you matches. 

Here is a cool video with the most amazing drop shots on the ATP Tour from the last years. Enjoy 🙂

So when is the right time to hit a dropshot?

When your opponent is very comfortable at the baseline but not at the net

Many players barely come at the net, just because they feel way more comfortable playing the point from the baseline. If you see that your opponent is not comfortable at net, why not making him/her feel uncomfortable by bringing your opponent to the net from time to time? 

t the end of the day, in a tennis match you want to make your opponent feel as uncomfortable as possible. The drop shot could be a great choice!

Use the drop shot to approach the net

The answer to a drop shot is mostly a soft or short shot. If you are at the net after a good drop shot, most likely you can finish the point at the net with a winner volley or smash.

However, if your drop shot is not executed well enough, you should be extra prepared for a passing shot.

When you´ve been hitting many powerful shots, a drop shot is a great option to mix up your game from time to time

Variety is key in a good tactical plan. If you try to hurt your opponent by pressing them more and more behind the baseline, the drop shot could be a great choice.

If you decide to keep hitting powerful shots, at some point your opponent knows exactly what is coming and so he/she will be prepared for another powerful shot. They just step a bit further behind the baseline, and won´t have any problem returning your shot.

This is one of the moments that the drop shot could really work! By playing a drop shot from time to time, you can prevent your opponent from going very far behind the baseline. Very effective strategy against defensive players.

Nadal receives a drop shot

Hit is dropshot when your opponent is slow or tired

The drop shot is a great idea to play when your opponent is either slow or tired.

Let´s say you ended up in the third set. By now, your opponent will be quite tired and won´t run as good as before anymore. You know which shot could be your answer 🙂

Don´t make the drop shot too obvious by using it too often as said before. Play your game normally and when the time is right, hurt your opponent with a short ball. They will hate you for this!

When your opponent is out of position


Let´s say that you pulled your opponent totally out of the court with your shot before. A drop shot to the same side could be a good option, because your opponent is trying to recover his position back to the middle. Most likely your opponent isn´t counting on a drop shot to the same side.

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