‘Roger Federer doesn’t have to prove anything to himself’, says former ace

Roger Federer confirms his return to the field at the Qatar ExxonMobil Open in Doha which will start on March 8th. “The countdown to Doha begins. One week to go”, the 39-year-old Swiss champion wrote on his social media profiles with a lot of smiling photos during a training session. Federer hasn’t played an official match since the semi-final lost at the 2020 Australian Open, forced to stop for double knee surgery. For most of his fans, the sight of Roger Federer lifting another Wimbledon trophy would be a dream come true. It would also be the proof they need that the Swiss extend his career beyond 2021. But not for Michael Stich; the former World No. 2 believes that a ninth Wimbledon title would serve as the perfect setting for Federer to announce his retirement.

Stich discusses Roger Federer’s return

“It is clear that at some point Roger Federer will stop,” Michael Stich said in a recent interview. “Many would have thought that already five years ago. I would wish for him to win Wimbledon and say after the final: ‘You know what, I had a sick time, I’ll stop.’ There couldn’t be anything better and that would give so much to the sport. You should never write him off because he is a player who has a gifted set of skills that help him to still play tennis that good at his age,” Stich said. “But especially at Wimbledon, Roger Federer is certainly still a candidate for the title, because there he has this mental strength, because there he has the greatest joy. Roger Federer has nothing to lose,” Stich went on. “He doesn’t have to prove anything to himself, he doesn’t have to prove anything to the fans out there. He’s really doing it because he thinks he can still win titles.” Federer lags way behind many ordinary tennis players in the percent of breakpoints converted. While most of his rivals like Djokovic and Nadal break on many occasions in a match, Federer relies too much on his service rather than his return. Stats reveal that he hasn’t broken his opponents many times in the last few years. Also, Federer has had much more difficulty in winning the points that matter the most in a match as compared to other players. He plays so well but then gives away crucial, clutch points, and it is because of this reason that he has lost so many semi-finals and finals lately.

The Swiss Maestro has been the epitome of sustained excellence and longevity

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