Leo Borg wins a J1 event

Starting from the qualifications for the Porto Alegre tournament in Brazil, the young Leo Borg, son of Bjorn Borg and born in 2003, won the J1 event, reaching the top-20 Junior.

From qualifying Borg reached the main draw to the super tie-break of the decisive match, while in the final of the tournament he defeated the American Bruno Kuzuhara for 3-6 6-4 6-2.

In 2020 Borg had been receiving two wildcards for the Bergamo and Pau Challengers. Borg will now play Grade A in Criciuma, Brazil.





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Leo is the son of Bjorn Borg, who between 1974 and 1981 won 11 Grand Slam titles, of which six at Roland Garros and five consecutive at Wimbledon, a record held on a par with Lawrence Doherty and Roger Federer. He is Swede and was world number one in the ATP rankings from 23 August 1977 to 2 August 1981.

He broke numerous Open era records that still stand, winning 41% of the Grand Slam tournaments he played and 90% of the individual matches of those tournaments, winning the French Open and Wimbledon in the same season for three consecutive years, winning three Grand Slam tournaments without losing a set. His career win percentage is 82.72% of the matches played and 70% against players at the time in the top ten in the world.

His rise, when he was still a teenager, contributed to the popularity of tennis in the seventies, which has since become one of the most practiced sports to date. The psychophysical wear and tear for a not long, but very intense career, led him to abandon tennis at the age of only 26, causing bewilderment in the tennis world.

The Wimbledon final against John McEnore in 1980 in which the two give life to one of the most beautiful matches in the history of tennis is the pinnacle of his career; in the eyes of the fans the tiebreak of the fourth set will remain forever, with Borg leading 2-1 in the set account.

The two opponents started a great challenge that saw Borg have 5 match balls to close the match and McEnroe 6 balls to get to the fifth set; in that tiebreak the American won 18-16, but then in the fifth set Borg managed to prevail 8-6 by winning his fifth consecutive Wimbledon.

Borg will now play Grade A in Criciuma, Brazil

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