‘Roger Federer doesn’t have to prove anything to the fans out there’, says legend

Over the years, the gap between the Big Three (now formerly the Big Four given the injury that has long removed Andy Murray from the top) and the young NextGen players appears less and less important and more times we have seen some of the young talents beat the best. At the same time everyone has noticed that when Grand Slam tournaments are played it is really difficult to see these young people beat the best and that almost always triumphing, whether at Roland Garros, the Australian Open or Wimbledon, are the usual suspects, recently in particular Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. Dominic Thiem’s ​​victory at the US Open made ‘noise’ but a large number of professionals underline at the same time that Rafael Nadal gave up participating in the tournament due to the problems related to the Pandemic and on the other hand, the number one in the world Novak Djokovic, was disqualified (thus suffering his first defeat in 2020) for wrongly hitting a line judge in the Round of 16. In fact, the Austrian’s first Grand Slam, although it is a great result, remembers that Thiem won the tournament, without challenging, for one reason or another, any of the Big Three. For most of his fans, the sight of Roger Federer lifting another Wimbledon trophy would be a dream come true. It would also be the proof they need that the Swiss extend his career beyond 2021. But not for Michael Stich; the former World No. 2 believes that a ninth Wimbledon title would serve as the perfect setting for Federer to announce his retirement.

Stich on Roger Federer

“It is clear that at some point Roger Federer will stop,” Michael Stich said in a recent interview. “Many would have thought that already five years ago. I would wish for him to win Wimbledon and say after the final: ‘You know what, I had a sick time, I’ll stop.’ There couldn’t be anything better and that would give so much to the sport.” Stich also asserted that Federer has nothing left to prove, and that he is only returning because he believes he can still win titles. “Roger Federer has nothing to lose,” Stich went on. “He doesn’t have to prove anything to himself, he doesn’t have to prove anything to the fans out there. He’s really doing it because he thinks he can still win titles.” The 20-time Grand Slam champion will make a return on the tour at the Qatar ExxonMobil Open in Doha.

Federer is currently recovering well after his second surgery

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