Naomi Osaka’s message to Australian Open ball-girl

After winning her 4th career Grand Slam, 2nd Australian Open after winning 2019, Japan’s Naomi Osaka tweeted with a tender sweet message sent to a ball girl present at the Australian Open 2021 final, starring in a photo with Naomi who immediately went viral. The moment was captured by Australian photographer Quinn Rooney of Getty Images.

Osaka spotted a ball girl in the background of a shot taken during the final in Melbourne Park: Australian teenager Marle van der Merwe, who was delighted with her while Osaka celebrated her victory. On Twitter Naomi Osaka who noticed the photo, shared it, with a love heart and an emoji that greeted, and she wrote: “Was looking at pics from AO and I just noticed the ball girl in this… hi.”

The Osaka post quickly acquired more than 39,000 likes and 2,500 retweets. WTA Insider Courtney Nguyen tweeted. “That’s great. Naomi’s out there signing every autograph. Ran back out after walking into the tunnel.”

Marle said to Herald Sun: “It was very special – no player ever does. I was with my friends at lunch and I saw the link. Mom just sent me the link to the Twitter post she wrote and I went there. clicked on it and was pretty shocked.”

In January, Osaka spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about what inspires her style: “I love fashion and part of putting my looks together on and off the pitch includes accessories and watches. It’s a subtle addition to an outfit, but I think it completes a look. For me, accessories are an opportunity to be bolder and really elevate a look, so I like unique designs that grab people’s attention, look is about ease of movement, not something that feels too limited or distracting from my game. Off the court, I’ll go for a more oversized or trendy look. In any case, I love wearing bright colors and trendy pieces when I can.”

The Japanese star sent a sweet ball-girl message from the Australian Open 2021, which went viral on Twitter

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