TOP TIPS on how to win your next tie break!

When tennis games are tied at 6-6. a tie-breaker is going to determine who is the winner of the set. A tie break can be nerve wracking. One single winner or error can change the whole momentum, winning or losing.

“So many club players think the tiebreaker is the pinnacle, and if they don’t win it, then an hour is gone and the time is wasted. They tend to think more about what could be lost as opposed to taking one point at a time and focusing on what’s happening.” – Brad Gilbert

You have to approach a tie break is different than a normal game, every point is different and requires full focus!

In this article, we are going to guide you on how to win your next tie-breaker! Here are our top tips 🙂

High 1st serve percentage!

Hitting many second serves in a tie-breaker is funest for the game you want to play, you will mostly start the point in defense mode while it´s you that wants to be in charge!

Don´t take the risk of hitting a double fault during a tie-breaker! Double faults are free points that your opponent doesn´t has to do anything for, let him/her work for their points! 

Focus on every shot

Losing your focus in a tie-break could be really dangerous, every point counts! Losing your focus could mean being up 5-4, and lose the tie break 5-7.

Focus on your strengths

Double down on your strengths! Do what you feel comfortable doing.

Is your forehand your weapon but you absolutely are not comfortable hitting backhands? Put extra effort in your footwork and run around your backhand to hit more forehands!

Do you love to hit those low backhand slices? Go for it!

Attack you opponent´s weakness

You should try to do this obviously all the match, however during a tie-breaker it´s so important to try to damage your opponent. The more pressure you can put on your opponent´s game the better!

The king of the tie break! Ivo Karlovic
Ivo Karlovic, the king of the tie break!

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