‘Without the support from Roger Federer and Nadal…’, says Djokovic’s father

The tear in Novak Djokovic’s abdomen gets worse: it is the Serbian himself who confirms it in the chat with the reporters on the day after at Brighton Beach. The controversy over the extent of the injury, however, continues to not subside. The injury is more serious than expected Novak reiterated to reporters that the pain he accused is more serious than expected, despite the controversy of those who claim the opposite. The Serbian, by his own admission, risked forfeiting the third round with Taylor Fritz, but continued to play and took home the trophy. The magnetic resonance after the final won with Daniil Medvedev would in fact prove the 18-time slam champion right. “As you know, I suffered an oblique abdominal tear. The first MRI scan just after the game with Fritz had identified a 1.7 centimeter lesion, while the one I underwent yesterday showed a two and a half centimeter tear. It was predictable, having played on it for days. The doctors stressed that this is nothing very serious, but I will have to rest for some time to recover. At the moment I can’t tell you when I will be able to compete again. I can’t change people’s thinking, but I can say that some things make me sad. There will always be someone ready to doubt everything I say and do, I just have to accept the fact that I can’t please everyone. Do I feel frustrated about it? Of course I don’t like it, but I also know that everyone has the right to express their opinion.” Speaking to Kurir, Novak Djokovic’s father pointed out that his son always provides a helping hand to his colleagues, even though Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal seldom throw their weight behind him.

Srdjan Djokovic on the Big 3

“Novak Djokovic always helps them (his peers), and without the support from the (rest of the) Big 3 (Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal),” Srdjan said. “Between the three Big 3 players, it’s him against the other two.” On the tennis front, the Serbian machine beat Russia’s Daniil Medvedev in the final of the Australian Open 2021 and finished the match in three straight sets. The match was over within two hours. After winning his 18th Grand Slam title, Novak is scheduled to play in Dubai later in March, although issues on the right side of his abdomen could lead to changes in his schedule in the near future. 

The Big 3 have a huge fan-following all around the world

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