‘Now Roger Federer had a total interruption and…’, says trainer

Roger Federer’s return is only a matter of days. After the vague illusion of seeing him protagonist in Australia in the first slam of the season, the news of his participation in Doha and subsequently in the Dubai tournament sparked the enthusiasm and curiosity of each of us. Precisely on the occasion of the return to the circuit of the 20-time slam champion, the famous and at the same time historic physical trainer of the Swiss, Pierre Paganini, a shy person who hardly appears in front of the cameras preferring professionalism to communication, instead accepted the request for a interview proposed by the Tagesanzeiger newspaper. A rare event and therefore very important. Always clear but direct in his few statements, Paganini told his colleagues how Roger’s rehabilitation took place, comparing it to what happened in 2016, when the Swiss champion was forced to a similar stop, even if less prolonged in time. Roger Federer’s long-time fitness trainer Pierre Paganini recently provided some updates about the Swiss star’s recovery process. Paganini highlighted the fact that Federer’s muscles have become weaker with age, but lavished special praise for the 39-year-old’s perseverance.

Paganini on Roger Federer

“The big difference (between 2017 comeback and now) is, as he paused until Australia after Wimbledon in 2016, his muscles were actually always there,” Pierre Paganini said. “Now we had a total interruption and the muscles deteriorated considerably.” According to the 62-year-old, Roger Federer’s love for the game has been instrumental during this period as it has enabled him to carry out fitness drills that require a lot of patience. “Without Federer’s patience, the guillotine would have fallen long ago,” Paganini added. “He depends on it (passion), and so do we! When a player who’s almost 40 has to do exercises that a 70-year-old can do without any problems, and is happy that it gets better every day – if that’s not passion (then what is).” On Federer’s undying passion for the game, the fitness coach said that when someone pushing 40 has to do exercises tailored for a 17-year-old and gets better at them every day, it’s a testament to his level of commitment to the sport. Lavishing praise on the icon, Paganini said Federer owes his enviable fandom and following not just to his incredible court skills but also to his grounded, affable nature. “He will always be this human being as long as he lives,” said Paganini in wholesome praise of the Swiss.

Federer is currently recovering well after his second surgery

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