‘It would be ideal if Roger Federer can retire with Wimbledon crown,’ says Stich

Roger Federer hasn’t competed since the last year’s Australian Open, dealing with a knee injury and undergoing two surgeries in February and May. The 39-year-old will make a long-awaited return in Doha in two weeks, feeling good on the practice court and hoping to slightly build the rhythm and get back at his best by Wimbledon. Other former Wimbledon champion Michael Stich would love to see Federer winning the ninth Wimbledon crown before the retirement, saying the Swiss is still a contender at the All England Club. Roger had a massive chance to claim the ninth Wimbledon title in 2019, wasting two match points in that epic final against Novak Djokovic before falling in the match tie break. 

“It is clear that Roger will stop at some point. Many would have thought that already five years ago. We have no influence on that. I would wish for him to win Wimbledon and say after the final: ‘You know what, I had a sick time, I’ll stop.’ There couldn’t be anything better, and that would give so much to the sport. You should never write him off because he is a player who has a gifted set of skills that help him to still play tennis that well at his age. He may have the problem that the younger generation no longer has this massive respect for him because he was out for a year. The mental side plays a significant role there.

Michael Stich backs Roger Federer to chase the ninth Wimbledon title.

Still, he remains a title contender at Wimbledon because of his All England Club mental strength and the greatest joy of playing there. The nice thing is that everyone is looking forward to his comeback and wants to see what happens. He has nothing to lose. He doesn’t have to prove anything to himself or fans out there. He’s really doing it because he thinks he can still win titles. As a spectator and fan, I naturally wish that the torch’s passing would still happen during the active time of the ‘Big Three.’ It’s the big goal of all young players that they would like to beat Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal in a Major final.

Andy Murray, Juan Martin del Potro and Stan Wawrinka did that. It’s up to the young generation now, and they are no longer 19. They are all 22, 23, 26. Dominic Thiem achieved it at the US Open. One would wish that they actively shape this transition, but that is looking into the future. We have a generation in which three players shaped this period extremely. Now is a chance for the others to step into the spotlight. The next generation will follow in their footsteps; I’m not worried about that,” Michael Stich said.

Tennis – Roger hasnand#039;t competed for a year, struggling with a knee injury

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