‘Roger Federer could push for the title at Wimbledon’, says top analyst

Who is “Mister Goat”? Literally it means goat, but for English-speaking tennis fans it is the acronym of “Greatest Of All Time”, or greatest of all time: a question raised by Novak Djokovic’s victory at the Australian Open, which led the Serbian to 18 titles won in Grand Slam tournaments (precisely Australia and then the Paris Open, Wimbledon and the United States Open in New York), two fewer than his rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, which have already reached 20. But to decide who is the greatest, the number of Slams is not enough: it also counts in which tournaments you win them. From this point of view, some argue that Rafa is less complete than the other two: true to his nickname of “king of the red clay”, the Spaniard has in fact won 13 of his 20 titles in this category in Paris. It is true that Roger and Novak also dominated one tournament in particular: Djokovic in Australia (9 of his 18 titles, exactly half), Federer in Wimbledon (8 out of 20). And each of the three showed more difficulty in a tournament: Paris for Roger and Novak (they only won once), Australia for Nadal (only one win). All three still completed the so-called Career Grand Slam, at least one victory in each of the four tournaments. For weed addicts, who believe Wimbledon remains the most coveted milestone as the oldest and most prestigious tournament, Federer’s dominance in London remains proof that he is number one, having won it more times than any other. 20-time Major winner¬†Roger Federer¬†will be making his much-awaited return at the Qatar ExxonMobil Open in Doha, which will be played from 8 to 13 March. The Swiss maestro, who has been out of commission for a year now, will be looking to get his comeback rolling at Doha before he leaves for Dubai. In that context, Swiss tennis expert Heinz Gunthardt recently spoke to the German website Tagesanzeigher.ch about Federer’s comeback.

Gunthardt on Roger Federer’s chance in 2021

“It is possible, but Roger Federer must certainly serve well,” Heinz Gunthardt replied when he was asked whether it was realistic of the fans to expect Federer to play at a high level. “It’s also clear that he won’t be very match-fit, but it’s not the main problem. The big question is how good he will be moving.” During the interview, the Swiss tennis expert was also asked whether Roger Federer could push for the title at Wimbledon this year. Gunthardt replied in the positive, given that Federer has achieved eight triumphs at the All-England Club. “Absolutely. Why not?” Gunthardt quipped.

The Swiss Maestro has been the epitome of sustained excellence and longevity

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