‘A couple of things have to come together for Roger Federer’, says former player

Roger Federer will make his long-awaited return to the circuit at the Qatar ExxonMobil Open in Doha, which runs from 8 to 13 March. The former world number 1 has been absent for over a year, as his last official appearance dates back to the 2020 Australian Open. The Swiss phenomenon has undergone two surgeries on his right knee and almost jumped inside last season, made again difficult from the pandemic that has shocked the whole world. The 20-time Grand Slam champion reiterated that his main goals will be Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics, postponed by twelve months precisely due to the Coronavirus emergency. However, the long inactivity and the age of the Maestro from Basel have led several fans and professionals to question his real chances of returning to competition. The new ranking system has allowed King Roger to stay in the very first positions, but we must not forget that Federer will turn 40 next August. In a recent interview with the German site Tagesanzeigher.ch, Heinz Gunthardt analyzed the future prospects of the Swiss.

Gunthardt on Roger Federer

“It’s going to be one of the greatest challenges you’ve ever seen in tennis, no question about it. A couple of things have to come together. Roger Federer has to move well, build his confidence, also in his body,” Heinz Gundhardt said. The Swiss tennis expert also claimed that Federer’s movement will be key in his comeback. “It is possible, but he must certainly serve well,” Gunthardt replied when he was asked whether it was realistic of the fans to expect Federer to play at a high level. “It’s also clear that he won’t be very match-fit, but it’s not the main problem. The big question is how good he will be moving.” During the interview, the Swiss tennis expert was also asked whether Roger Federer could push for the title at Wimbledon this year. Gunthardt replied in the positive, given that Federer has achieved eight triumphs at the All-England Club. “Absolutely. Why not?” Gunthardt quipped. “And why shouldn’t you as a fan wait optimistically for this comeback? It’s also a lot more fun than being pessimistic,” Gunthardt said. 2020 was a very disappointing year for humanity as a whole. With the pandemic calling for a halt to the daily happenings, the world of sport had to take a hiatus owing to health concerns. It was a dark time, but in a way helped people recreate certain ideas.  Likewise, Roger Federer made a strong statement through Twitter that pulled the tennis world together!  Federer’s tweet was shared by several famous personalities. However, the Swiss Maestro isn’t the only one who’s has voiced out towards the ATP-WTA merger.

Federer is currently recovering well after his second surgery

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