How to select the perfect gripsize

If you are thinking about changing racquets, it´s very important to select the grip size that´s right for you. Often times players don´t pay attention to the gripsize but selecting the wrong gripsize won´t do good for your body and your game.

In this article we will not only share with you why it´s so important to select the right gripsize but also how you can measure the gripsize that´s right for you. Enjoy!

Why is the gripsize of a racquet so important?

First of all, we want to enjoy playing with our racquet of choice, we want it to be as comfortable as possible. Using a grip that´s either too small or too big will limit your performance on court and can cause lot´s of different injuries.

When you use a grip that´s too small for you, you have to squeeze the racquet handle extra hard to keep the in place when hitting the ball. Over time this can result in injuries such as a tennis elbow. 

As said before, you will also find disadvantages when playing. A grip that´s too small might slip away from your hand when hitting a groundstroke on break point.

A grip that´s too big can be quite challenging to hold and as a result it puts a lot of stress on your hand, wrist and arm. Also a grip that’s too big will limit your ability to wrist snap on serves and smashes, not allowing you to reach the level on those shots that you actually can reach.

If you want to find a racquet that will help your game it´s key to pick the right gripsize so it feels comfortable, prevents injury and will allow you to play your best possible game. 

How grip sizes are measured and how to measure your grip size

Index finger test

With a tennis racquet, hold it with your dominant hand using an Eastern grip. An eastern grip is where the index knuckle and heel pad rests on the 3rd bevel. So your palm will be placed on the same bevel as the string face.

Once you got the eastern grip, use the index finger of your other hand to slide it in between your ring finger and palm. The best tennis racquet grip size for you will be the one where your index finger fits snugly within this gap, this will give you the most comfortable and secure grip. Not enough room or too much room means you have a grip that is either too small or too big.

How to measure your gripsize. The index finger test!

What if you don´t find your perfect gripsize?

If you are stuck between two sizes, choose the smaller one because you can use an overgrip to increase the size a little bit, whereas you can’t decrease the size a little with the bigger one.

Selecting the right size grip for your tennis racquet will make a huge difference on really enjoying your new racquet. Spending some time finding the right grip can even help prevent injury.

Good luck on your way to find your perfect racquet 🙂

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